Welcome to Amazo Elevators & Security System

Amazo Elevators and security system is an indigenous company and was founded in 2008, based on the know-how and high standard of service. The head office and manufacturing plant of the company is based in the Andhra pradesh. Our company’s activities concern both the manufacturing and installation of Complete Lift Systems & CCTV Cameras. 

Competitive Advantage

The main factors that made Amazo Elevators the reliable choice for its customers are summed up as follows:

  • State of the art mechanical equipment, Company owned transportation, Company owned facilities
  • Working environment of high standards.
  • Experienced and dedicated professionals.
  • Continuous employee training, highly skilled production staff and technicians.
  • More than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the industry, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork.
  • Option of providing the customer with the Complete Lift Package.
  • Customized approach for the design, research, documentation and manufacturing of lifts.

Company Values

HEALTH & SAFETY: Above all we take care about our customers / users of our products safety, but as well as our own health and safety.
INTEGRITY: We reward honesty and ethics, we tell the truth and we do not support immorality in any area. First, we make self-criticism and then we criticize others. We do what we say we’ll do. We are fair. These are qualities that customers value in lift companies.
CARE FOR PEOPLE AND FOR OUR WORK:  As a company we have and present a real human face. We love and we care about people – our customers and our colleagues. We forgive human mistakes, and we love our work, and what we do, we do it with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm.
PROGRESS & INNOVATION: We constantly make progress, and every day we innovate. We don’t remain static, we learn about new things, we create know how, we constantly develop and we try to improve, not only, our quality, our service and the other strategic targets, but our attention to our values, our management and our strategy.
For all of us atAmazo Elevator & Conveyors these values go beyond the confined limits of simply achieving financial objectives. They are an integral part of our overall business activities and are expressed through our management style, the initiatives we take on important issues such as environmental protection, social contribution, and voluntary commitment to CSR, continuous development, and cultural support.
At Amazo Elevator & Conveyors our ethical standards have set a clearly defined strategy for high quality and Corporate Social Responsibility. For us this means continued progress; for our associates, higher quality, efficiency, better products and reliability.
We aspire to forming a team that is an active member of society; a team working for an organization that contributes to the quality of all our lives, where we are constantly driven to not only invest in our work and the products we manufacture, but mainly to believe in them and be inspired by them.

Our Strategic Goals

HIGH QUALITY: We want to be known for our high quality, Quality that exceeds our customers’ high expectations. We constantly improve the services provided to our clients and that makes us one of the most client centered lift companies.
RELIABILITY: We are reliable. We do what we’ve committed for to do, the way we promised it and when we promised it.
SERVICE: We always try to be known and accepted for our unmatchable service delivery.
ECONOMY: We don’t waste time, material and resources in general. We care about the environment and that is obvious from the way we function and from the products we design. This is achieved through efficient and effective operations management.
GROWTH: We rely on our customers’ satisfaction which results from all the above. We intensively and smartly operate in domestic market. All these allow us to invest to infrastructure and to people, in order to achieve our strategic targets, thus feeding a growing and progressive circle. In that way, we ensure our company’s strength and our personal professional progress.

Why you choose Amazo

We do not believe in searching for customers we accept the fact to make our own clients. In past few years we have attained so many new customers just because of our served and satisfied customer’s references. When somebody plan for any kind of elevator for his/her premise, most crucial and important decision is to choose any manufacturer or supplier for the installation. Three major attribute that need to be scanned before choosing any vendor for installation are as follows.

Product Quality: Elevator quality means safe, smooth and silent operation of up and down movements. We do use international standard of quality equipment in our installations like

  • VVVF drive for smooth movement of elevator cabin and to save energy consumption
  • MFS (magnetic floor sensing) used for better attainment of floor level during landing of cabin on the floor
  • Specially designed electric motors with low maintenance and long trouble free life.
  • We do manufacturer all the counter parts as per standards.

CABINS MANUFACTURING PROCESS: An important part of the activity of the company is the manufacture of cabins. It is a product fully compatible with the rest of the elevator components. It is manufactured from the best quality materials of global suppliers. Its’ manufacture has partial standardization in order to be adjusted to the demands of each customer with regard to manufacturing and design. Our cabins are distinguished for their firmness, their security and defect-proofing. In the engineering of the materials, state-of-the-art machines are used in order to achieve absolute accuracy throughout the manufacturing process (metal sheets specially cut and treated with Punching and CNC bending machines, H.P. laminate – if it is required – flooring and ceiling manufacture), and in order to reach the final assembling stage. Quality control, finally, guarantees the excellent quality of the cabins. After this stage, the dismantling and storing follows up, before the delivery to the customer.
SERVICE COMMITMENT: We do understand customer’s need and priorities. For us customers are not just a source of generating revenue for the company, we serve our customers more than their expectations with commitment as they are the integral part of our growth. We consider customer’s satisfaction as most valuable reward for us.

  • Our focus and commitment to customer service and support is reflected in the following:
  • Our dedicated and experienced professionals are always ready to provide continuous and specialized pre and after sales technical support
  • Products that are accompanied by complete and detailed technical studies, drawings and manuals
    Company’s organized warehouses for immediate delivery times.
  • Regular specialized training programs for employees, customers and company associates related to safety and international developments in the lift industry.
  • Technical training programs that provide our customers with theoretical as well as practical skills and knowledge related to lift installation, operation and maintenance.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: To meet our customer’s needed and their expectations our R&D team keeps on working to improve our technical diversity. We are capable enough to provide assistance to customers in their customized needs.